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Summit Safety Consulting are pleased offer our clients the below services  in order to provide them with the tools, techniques and knowledge necessary to ensure an effective & efficient safety culture. 

COR Certification Consulting

Offering our clients services to obtain COR certification of their business.

Site Specific Safety Plan Development

Development of site specific safety plans to ensure your business has the proper documentation to adhere to all contract safety obligations.

Emergency Response Planning

Development & Implementation of an effective emergency response plan to ensure the safety & well being of  our clients business and its employees in the event of any emergency.

COVID-19 Program Development

Development & Implementation of safe work practises and programs to help reduce/eliminate risks to employees from the ongoing pandemic.

Record Management

Offering our clients record management consulting to ensure that they are equipped with the tools and techniques to ensure optimal record keeping of documents and training certifications.

Development of Safe Work Practises & Procedures

Development & Implementation of safe work practises and procedures.

Project Management

 Project management consulting to ensure that safety documentation and protocols are being developed and implemented on active projects.

External Auditing

 Auditing services to ensure that our clients OHS Programs are offering them optimal effectiveness and efficiency to ensure the safety of their business.

Incident Investigation

Offering services in incident investigation along with tools and techniques to improve investigation procedures.

COR Audit Completion

Completing annual COR Audits.

Hazard Assessment/Job Safety Analysis

Development of Hazard Assessments and Job Safety Analysis to allow maximum hazard identification to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees.

Safety Program Development

Develop, Implement & Review of your current OHS program to optimize and improve a clients  health & safety culture!

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